Several Months Later

Our little ones arrived on July 19th. I know this is really late – so late I wonder if anyone still follows it – but better late than never I hope. My delivery was long, but uncomplicated and resulted in 2 healthy babies. Audrey born 6 pounds 1 ounce and Cole born 6 pounds 12 ounces. The postpartum period hit me like a ton of bricks and I only started to recover after month 3 (not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time can do that to you).
They are so big now and the light of my life. I wish everyone well and thank you for following my journey to motherhood.


I will definitely post a birth announcement!

Well, if anyone still reads out there I thing you would agree that it is time (or perhaps long past the time) to shut the blog down. I have not been posting or even commenting on peoples blogs (although I do peek in to see how things are going from time to time). I no longer find myself in front of a computer very much these days and when I do it is more to look for discounted baby items or household items that will make life with babies easier (e.g., dishwasher).
Thank you to those who followed hope things are going well.
I am 30 weeks along and happy for everyday that I get closer to meeting the little ones.


Well, I am breathing a little easier. Had my first ultrasound after the first trimester today. Still have two healthy babies growing in there. Thankfully. I was a little worried when my Dr only found one heartbeat with the Doppler – even though he said quite clearly that he would only be able to hear one heartbeat before he listened when he only found one I was a little nervous.
There are many aspects of pregnancy that I wonder how I would take if it wasn’t such a wait to get pregnant and wanting a baby for so long. Things like getting bigger, potential bed rest, extreme tiredness, navigating the paper work and EI laws around maternity leave. All of these are little things on the journey to parenthood that I would have dwelled on as negative if I got pregnant 2 or 3 years ago.
Now time to start preparing!

back from vacation

Thank you for all the congrats on the twins, we are very excited. Debbie is a twin so I think she knows a little bit more what it is going to be like for the little ones than I do. Spent Christmas with the in-laws and my MIL who has never been my biggest fan loves me now. It is nice.
I have some family in the area here, but my parents, brother and nieces are about a 27 hour drive away (damn great lakes make it for quite a long drive) and since getting pregnant and learning about twins I have been wanting to be closer to family. Debbie and I have been talking about moving to Toronto for work for her which would bring us closer to my aunt and uncle who have already told us they would love to look after our dogs to help out. I think that rocks, we might also try and sneak the cats as well if needed 🙂
We have also been thinking of moving to Montreal if D. can find work there to be closer to her family who are all interested in babysitting the little ones.
Growing up I didn’t really live near extended family and only got to know my cousins, aunts and uncles as a teenager. I want our children to be surrounded by loved ones…

Also, wanted to let everyone know that I did a 2 embryo transfer so the twins are not wholly unexpected…




got my levels checked and they are good so things are looking fine.